Newf adoption questionnaire .docx

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(don't forget to "save after filling out" or it will just send a blank application)

or you can copy and paste the below, and email it to: 


Adoption Application


Full Name:

Full name of spouse:

Full address:

Home Phone:

Cell or Work #:

Email address:

Applicants occupation:

Spouse's occupation:

Do you travel frequently:

Who will take care of the Newfie while you are away:

How many hours would a Newf be left alone on a routine basis:

Where would the Newf be kept when someone is not home:


Loose indoors

Crated until trustworthy

Loose outdoors

Fenced Yard

Kennel Run



Other - if other please explain

Please list children (first name & age) who reside with you, and/or who routinely come to stay (such as visitation):

List Dogs currently own:

(Please include name, breed, sex, age, spayed or neutered (or if intact), personality, and if they are indoor or outdoor pets).

Do you have a fenced in yard:

If yes, Please describe the "type" of fencing and the "height" of fencing:

If you do not have a fenced in yard, explain how the Newf will be exercised and able to relieve himself:

What is your current vet's Name, address and phone number:

May we contact this vet for a reference:

Has any member of your family been accused or convicted up any animal cruelty crime:

Do you currently own or rent your home:

If you rent, is your landlord agreeable to you owning a large breed dog:

List landlord's name and phone #:

Is your home a house, condo, or apartment:

Do you have another home or vacation home where you visit and would be taking a Newf:

If yes, please list City & State:

Any plans on moving in the future, if so to what state:

Are there any restrictions or rules on pets where you currently live, or vacation home:

Please list a neighbor's name & number for a reference if possible:

Is everyone agreeable in purchasing a Newf puppy realizing this puppy is going to get big:

Have you ever personally met an adult Newfoundland:

Have you ever owned a Newfoundland in the past:

If so, where did you get your Newf from and how long did you own him/her: 

If you have owned dogs in the past but no longer own please list them including 

breed, how long owned and what happened to them:

Why do you want a Newfoundland:

What do you like, and dislike about the breed:

Who will be primarily responsible for the Newf's care and training:

Are you prepared for all the expenses associated with the proper care of a Newfoundland such as;

Quality food, nutritional supplements, regular 'and' any emergency care if needed, grooming, training, etc: 

Have you ever taken any classes with a previous dog such as puppy kindergarten, obedience classes, CGC (canine good citizen) classes, or any other type of class:

We insist a Newf from us must be enrolled and attended in a "group" training class not only for training but also for socialization with other dogs after the puppy reaches 5 months old but before 12 months old, can you accept this: 

Are there any other types of classes or workshops you are interested in participating with a Newfoundland:

Given your family's lifestyle, activities and schedule, what are the ideal characteristics you are looking for in a Newfoundland for your family:

What sex do you prefer:

Are you wanting a Newfie as a family companion dog only, or a potential show/breeding dog:

Are you interested in (check all that apply):

a Puppy

an adolescent 

a retired adult

Do you realize that quality Newfoundlands from reputable breeders range from approximately $1500 to $2500: 

(Please realize that even BYB's (backyard breeders) and puppy millers also charge these prices and it is imperative to do your homework and ask for a copy of proof of health clearances on the parents of the litter for hips, elbows, heart, patella, cystinuria, etc. if it is not listed in the database.  

You should also inquire if the litter will be heart screened by a "Board certified Cardiologist" instead of a regular vet.) 

Are you on any breeder's waiting lists (if so please list name):

How soon are you ready to purchase a Newfoundland:

How long are you prepared to wait for a quality Newfoundland:

Do you have any questions for us:

We appreciate your time in filling out our questionnaire.  

We will be in contact as soon as possible.  Please realize that reputable breeders are very busy in caring for our Newfoundlands and we are especially very busy if have a litter currently, so it may take a little bit to get back with you, so please be patient, but DO feel free to email me if you have not received a reply within a day or two - just in case your application was missed or we did not receive it.

Photos of your home & yard are sincerely appreciated if you'd like to also send!

~ NewfWarriors